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A groundbreaking guide for driving transformational change

Throughout history many have sought to create change and most have failed, but some have succeeded brilliantly. Revolutionaries, corporate turnaround artists, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and social visionaries. Starting out with very different challenges, philosophies and personalities, they eventually all arrived at the same principles that allowed them to prevail.

And you can too. You too can learn the principles to go out and make your own brand of transformational change a reality

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*** Selected by 800-CEO-READ as one of the best business books of 2017! ***

We’re entering a new era of innovation. Learn the strategies of the world’s most inventive startups, corporations and scientific institutions.

It seems like everybody has an idea about innovation and they’re sure theirs is the right one. As a manager, I always found this tangled web of ideas confusing. Sure, there are many who can point to success stories as proof points, but so can many others who do things very differently.

The truth is that there is no one “true path” to innovation, no silver bullets and no shortcuts. There are, however, effective strategies that managers can pursue to dramatically increase their chances of success.

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