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A groundbreaking guide for driving transformational change

If you could make a change—any change you wanted—what would it be?  Would it be something in your organization or your industry? Maybe something in your community or throughout society as a whole? If you had a magic wand that would allow you to instantly change anything you wanted, what would that change look like?

In this groundbreaking book, one of today’s top innovation experts delivers a guide for driving transformation change based on the new science of networks and research into dozens of people and organizations that have created truly historic impact. This book will show that to truly change the world or even just your little corner of it, you don’t need a charismatic leader or a catchy slogan. What you need are small groups, loosely connected, but united by a common purpose.

Perhaps most of all, Cascades points to a new role for leaders, who can no longer rule by fiat or merely plan and direct action, but must inspire and empower belief. “Power no longer sits at the top of hierarchies,” he writes, “but emanates from the center of networks.”

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What people are saying about Cascades…

“In Cascades, Greg Satell delivers an essential guide to navigating and driving change in today’s disruptive environment. I wish he had written it years ago. It would have reinforced our need to not only to have the right strategy but to manage the entrenched forces working against it.”

John Antioco, Former CEO Blockbuster Video, Chairman, RED Mango


“Greg Satell’s Cascades is among the most useful, engaging, and well-crafted books ever written on how to start and sustain large-scale change. Satell does a masterful job of weaving cases, stories, and evidence to illustrate the nuances of his simple formula–small groups, loosely connected, but united by a common purpose—and to show when and how leaders can use these elements to spread ideas and change organizations for the better.”

Robert Sutton, Stanford Professor and bestselling author of Good Boss, Bad Boss and Scaling Up Excellence (with Huggy Rao)


One of the great puzzles of history is how enduring business, political and social orders can crumble without warning, seemingly overnight. In Cascades. bestselling author Greg Satell lucidly combines insights from network science, historical case studies, and his own experience living through Ukraine’s Orange Revolution in 2004, to deliver a thought provoking account of this profound phenomenon.Cascades is essential reading for policy makers, business leaders and social activists alike.
Duncan J. Watts – author of Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age


“Greg Satell really understands movements — how they arise and what makes them succeed or fail. What makes him unique is his ability to show how the principles apply beyond the political sphere to organizations, industries and society as a whole.”

Srdja Popović, Executive Director, Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) Co-Founder, Otpor! and author of Blueprint for Revolution


“The complex nature of modern day counterterrorism taught us that defeating threat networks requires a hybrid structure of network and hierarchy. In Cascades, Satell walks us through the impacts that networks are having in other spaces, and shows us that it is often small groups with the ability to interoperate with other small groups that are the key to driving change. For those hoping to deepen their understanding of the current state of play, Cascades is a must read!”

Chris Fussell, President, McChrystal Group, Bestselling Author of “One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams” and “Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World” (with General Stanley McChrystal)


“In Cascades, you will learn how to create a successful movement, while avoiding pitfalls along the way. Throughout the book, Greg makes the case that the principles of great movements throughout history can empower you to create change in your own life, community and company.”

Dan Schawbel, bestselling author of Back to Human, Promote Yourself and Me 2.0


“Creating change today requires more than a strategy, but a deep understanding of how information flows through networks and ecosystems to affect behavior. Greg Satell has a real talent for explaining the science behind networks and how it affects events in the real world in a way that is fun, engaging and powerful.”

AnnaLee Saxenian, Dean and Professor, UC Berkeley School of Information, Author, Regional Advantage and The New Argonauts


“I wish I had this book when we started our movement to improve STEM education in America! Cascades promises to be an essential guide for anyone who wants to create meaningful change in the world.”

Talia Milgrom-Elcott, Executive Director and Co-Founder, 100Kin10


Cascades provides a powerful blueprint for corporate change that leverages lessons learned from social movements around the world and throughout history. This book will forever change your perception of change and how to make it happen.”

Stephen Shapiro, Author, Best Practices are Stupid


“Ready to reboot your company culture? Create something new? Leaders  in organizations large and small will find an important blueprint for how to fail atstarting a movement and how to inspire the kind of change that makes history in Greg Satell’s Cascades. A must read for all innovators and daring organizers.”

Lu Ann Cahn, 8-time Emmy award winner and author of I Dare Me


“The test of an excellent book on a leadership topic is its ability to give profound insight on daily situations that help leaders to do their jobs better. I had many “aha!” moments reading this book but my favourite idea is the notion of “keystone changes” (chapter four). What a genius concept! I have tried this idea out with several work teams and all of them have moved forward in their thinking and practice as a result. So we are joining the ranks of Gandhi and the salt march, votes for women and the same-sex marriage movement in finding a common cause that a diverse group of people can unite behind. The difference between tactics that work for social movements and tactics for contemporary organisations is actually not that great.”

Helen Bevan,Chief Transformation Officer, NHS Horizons (National Health Service of England)